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How Voltstair Can Help Prevent Damage Caused by a Shoulder Dolly

Posted by Voltstair on Feb 9, 2023 9:45:45 AM

Moving any heavy item can be quite an ordeal, whether it is simply moving furniture around or transporting a heavy load. Most people use some kind of dolly to help them with the task—the most common being the shoulder dolly. While this is certainly an effective tool, it can also cause considerable damage to your body if you are not careful. This article will outline why using a shoulder dolly can cause damage and how you can use a motorized hand truck such as the Voltstairs to prevent it.


How Does the Shoulder Dolly Work?


The shoulder dolly consists of two long bands that connect at one end and have handles on either side of the other end. The straps are put over your shoulders, with one arm in each strap, while the load (which could be anything from boxes to furniture) is attached and pulled along behind you as you walk. The idea is that this takes away some of the strain of carrying heavy items but in reality, it’s often more harmful than helpful.



How Does it Damage your Body?


The primary problem with the shoulder dolly is that it puts too much strain on your neck and upper back muscles when you try to pull something behind you while walking. This leads to pain and occasionally injury, which could include anything from soft tissue damage to muscle tears or spasms. Not only that, but if you’re not careful, the item being pulled behind you could easily slip out of control and cause even more damage or injury, such as hitting another person or damaging property. It can also be difficult to keep a secure grip on the item while walking with it, leading to potential losses of balance or possible falls due to uneven terrain or obstacles in the way.


Additionally, most shoulder dollies are designed for indoor use only due to their limited weight capacity; if you try using them outside in harsher conditions such as rain or snow, they may break down quickly due to excess wear and tear from prolonged exposure. Finally, shoulder dollies don’t work well when climbing stairs; they lack the necessary strength and stability required for safe stair navigation which increases the risk of falls when attempting this task with a shoulder dolly strapped around your body. 


Voltstair - A Motorized Hand Truck Solution


So what is a better alternative? Voltstair offers motorized tracks that make ascending and descending large, heavy items in the safest manner possible. A motorized hand truck like the ones offered by Voltstair, has many advantages over the traditional shoulder dolly; for starters, the specially designed track system has been engineered for robustness against wear & tear and its variable speed control allows for smooth operation no matter what type of terrain or obstacles are in the way (unlike with standard shoulder dolly straps). Their electric motor does all the work for you without any strain on your body whatsoever. The motor also provides superior control when moving items around tight corners or through small doorways; plus, because there’s no need for someone else to help guide things along like with the shoulder dolly, accidents caused by slipping items are greatly reduced.


Overall then there are plenty of reasons why using a motorized hand truck solution such as Voltstair is preferable; not only will it save your body from potential damage but it will also make moving any heavy items easier overall. So if you’re looking for an easy way to move heavy loads without putting unnecessary stress on yourself – look no further than Voltstair Motorized Hand Trucks!




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