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Introducing The Voltstair

Posted by Voltstair on Oct 2, 2020 6:23:54 PM

In these unprecedented times, convenience and safety are quickly becoming necessities rather than luxuries. Even what used to be considered safe for a team of laborers is changing. For example, situations like transporting the whole team in one vehicle, or having multiple team members performing physically taxing tasks in any enclosed space present a lot more problems than they used to. Enter the Voltstair: This easy-to-use, motorized hand truck and dolly helps businesses transport large, heavy, and unwieldy items in the safest way possible, and with less manpower than other solutions.

Here are just a few of  the Voltstair’s advantages: 

Battery Operated – A Fully charged unit can climb 100+ flights of stairs on a single charge, and the battery-level indicator can always be used to determine the remaining charge.

PortableAt only 60lbs and 14” thick when folded, it’s easy to transport the Voltstair when it’s needed, and to store it out of the way when it’s not. 

Built-In TracksNo track installation necessary; the Voltstair works on its own continuous track, letting you use it when and where you need it, without altering or damaging the staircase. The Voltstair effectively decreases the chance for damaged property or personal injury- just load it with the heaviest items next to the frame, securely strap it with the built in belt, and go on your way.

Increased Efficiency The Voltstair exponentially expands the horizons of your potential workload as an individual or a team of employees, thereby increasing your company’s overall bandwidth to handle bigger jobs while minimizing the effort and time required to accomplish such tasks safely and efficiently. 

There are  a wide range  of personal benefits  provided by the  Voltstair, but there are specific industries that stand to  benefit the most in daily operations. From contractors and moving companies, to construction and distributors, below you’ll find several distinct areas in which a Voltstair can improve your business.


Retain Independence

The less you have to outsource or hire additional personnel, the greater your profit margin will be. Every contractor needs additional assistance from time to time, but the Voltstair was created to minimize this need and increase the bandwidth and efficiency.


Reduce Risk of Damaged Property

Harming a customer’s property when moving is always a risk. The Voltstair helps reduce that risk by removing the strain and stress of moving large and unwieldy objects. The Voltstair’s tracks are specifically designed to eliminate the risk of damaging stairs, and can function on wood, cement, stone, and tile without leaving a trace. With the Voltstair, movers are under less pressure and do not have to choose between working efficiently and working carefully.


Keep Employees Safe – Mitigate Unnecessary Risk

Moving large heavy objects is rife with risk to the physical health of the movers. Back injuries especially are some of the most common and incapacitating injuries in the moving business. Make sure your employees remain safe and healthy by protecting their backs on big moves. By minimizing unnecessary risks, using the Voltstair diminishes the possibility of workers getting hurt on the job.


Increased Bandwidth

Accomplish more with less manpower. Smaller, more efficient teams with the right tools are far more profitable than large teams fueled solely by manpower. The Voltstair is an investment that will pay for itself in as little as one month by increasing efficiency.


Whatever your business, Voltstair is here to help you succeed in your industry. With the ability to carry up to 440 lbs, let the Voltstair help take your business to the next level—literally! The Voltstair comes with three speeds to ascend or descend almost any flight of steps. So feel good about moving that refrigerator, safe, or boiler safely and efficiently with a Voltstair. To learn more about the Voltstair, please visit our product page. If you’d like to chat with a consultant, you can get in touch here 

We're Here To Help You Succeed In Your Industry. Transport large, heavy, and unwieldy items in the safest way possible.

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