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Maintaining Independence With The Voltstair

Posted by Voltstair on Oct 2, 2020 6:52:48 PM

With any job, logistics from the smallest tasks to the largest parts of the project are always a huge consideration. . In any industry, time is always of the essence, and movers, contractors, construction workers, and distributors are always under pressure to hit milestones  within a given time frame. As a mover, you’re dealing with the constant care of another’s possession, committing to not only relocate that new washing machine upstairs, but to do so safely and efficiently—without scuffing up the freshly painted walls on the way up to the next floor.  The Voltstair provides a new-found freedom and independence by lessening the burden of concerns over whether the best care and service is being provided to clients.

A job that used to require a team of movers only needs one or two people to accomplish the same task when using the Voltstair. The unit can carry up to 440 lbs up or down 100+ flights on a single charge, and works on staircases of almost any material.  Veteran movers, and industrial athletes of all kinds  know  that a wheel-operated hand truck falls short as soon as stairs enter the picture. The larger the item being moved, the harder it is to control the ascent or descent of a heavy item when doing so manually with multiple team members. Going down a flight of steps with several hundred pounds strapped to a wheel-operated hand truck becomes a dangerous scenario for anyone beneath the heavy item working to guide and control the descent. If the person controlling the hand truck loses their footing, or sweaty palms loosen their grip for even a moment, a wheel-operated hand truck can become the cause for property damage and injury.

In addition to stability issues, handling the weight distribution becomes difficult to manage when using a wheel-operated hand truck. With even a  slight shift to the left or right, one wheel can roll  down the next step ahead of the other wheel, which causes  the whole load to  shift on the stairs; at best scuffing the railings or walls, and at worst sending the entire load tumbling down the stairs. 

With the Voltstair, it’s never been easier to control ascending and descending  stairs with a heavy load. The Voltstair has three speeds to choose from: slow at 24 steps a minute; medium at 30 steps a minute; and fast at 40 steps a minute. With simply the touch of a button, and a lot less strain, sweat, and anxiety, the Voltstair moves heavy items from one floor to the next more consistently and efficiently than using only manpower. 

With a wheel-operated hand truck, the margin of error for operators is much greater than when compared to the continuous track system provided by a tool like the Voltstair. The Voltstair’s continuous track system and built in strap allow for a more even weight distribution and an even ascent or descent, reducing risk or damaged property or injury.  

When you consider the decreased amount of physical effort required when using the Voltstair, you can’t deny the fact that more overall work can be accomplished safer and faster. Imagine what you or your employees could accomplish with all that extra time and energy. Just like we try to avoid negativity in order to conserve our mental energy for the most important issues in our lives, the same is true of physical exertion. Conserved energy can be redirected to other efforts, which leads to less mistakes resulting from fatigue. With a Voltstair, as a result, you’ll have happier employees and happier customers. So what’re you waiting for? Get a Voltstair today, and take your business  to the next level.

Retain your independence and increase your bandwidth.

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