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Motorized Hand Trucks: Solutions for Handling Awkwardly Shaped Items

Posted by Voltstair on Nov 3, 2023 10:21:01 AM

Handling bulky or awkwardly shaped items has always presented challenges. Whether you're in a warehouse, a manufacturing facility, or any industry dealing with heavy loads, finding the right tools for the job can be a game-changer. This is where motorized hand trucks come into play, and two standout options in this category are the Voltstair Titan and Voltstair Hercules. These electric hand trucks are designed to tackle the trickiest of tasks, and in this blog, we'll explore why they're the ideal solution for handling awkwardly shaped items.


The Challenge of Bulky and Awkward Loads

Items that are bulky, oddly shaped, or just plain heavy often pose a significant challenge in the workplace. Traditional methods of manual handling can be physically demanding, time-consuming, and potentially hazardous. Awkwardly shaped items, such as machinery parts or oversized products, may not fit on standard hand trucks, and lifting them by hand can risk both damage to the item and injury to the worker.

The Voltstair Titan and Voltstair Hercules: Powerful Solutions

The Voltstair Titan and Voltstair Hercules are exceptional electric hand trucks designed to tackle the unique challenges posed by awkwardly shaped items. Here's why they stand out:


Robust Straps:

Both the Voltstair Titan and Voltstair Hercules come equipped with secure mounting straps. These straps are designed to hold your items firmly in place during transport, reducing the risk of slippage or accidents.

Impressive Weight Capacity:

The Voltstair Titan can lift up to 440 pounds, making it a formidable choice for heavy and bulky loads. Meanwhile, the Voltstair Hercules can manage an impressive 500-pound weight capacity. With this kind of lifting power, even the most challenging items can be moved with ease.

Efficient Electric Power:

These electric hand trucks are powered by reliable lithium-ion batteries. This not only provides the necessary strength for stair climbing and traversing uneven surfaces but also ensures a consistent and efficient performance.

Simplified Handling

When it comes to handling awkwardly shaped items, the Voltstair Titan and Voltstair Hercules make the job easier and safer. With their robust straps, high weight capacities, and efficient electric power, they're your trusted companions for streamlining workplace tasks.

Whether you're working in a warehouse, manufacturing facility, or any environment where heavy and awkward items are part of the daily routine, these electric hand trucks will help you overcome the challenges with ease.




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