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OSHA Guidelines for Lifting Heavy Items Safely

Posted by Voltstair on Mar 8, 2023 10:44:19 AM

Lifting heavy items can be a dangerous task if not done correctly, and it is important for anyone that needs to lift heavy items to understand the specific guidelines set forth by OSHA. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the most important safety considerations when lifting heavy items, as well as how using a Voltstair Hand Truck can help you stay safe and injury-free.


OSHA Guidelines for Lifting Heavy Items

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) does not have specific guidelines for lifting heavy items. However, they recommend that workers use mechanical equipment whenever possible to lift or move objects weighing more than 50 pounds. They also recommend training all employees on ergonomic lifting and safe lifting techniques.


If mechanical equipment is not available, workers should always use proper body mechanics when lifting heavy items. This means maintaining a wide base of support by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, keeping your back straight, and bending at your knees when lifting the object. Workers should also keep the load close to their bodies while lifting and move slowly to prevent sudden jerking motions that could result in injury.


It is also important to use caution when carrying heavy objects over uneven surfaces or up/down stairs or ladders. When carrying an object upstairs, it is best practice to keep the object on one side and hold onto the railing with your other hand for balance and stability. On ladders, it is best practice to secure the load before climbing so you don’t have to worry about balancing yourself and the object at the same time. Finally, make sure you take frequent breaks if you need to carry an item over a long distance—this will help reduce fatigue, which could lead to an injury if you are not careful.


The body is not designed to handle the strain of carrying or lifting heavy objects regularly. Doing so can result in strains, sprains, and herniated discs over time. This is why it is important to use proper form when lifting and also to use mechanical lifts whenever possible. While traditional hand trucks can be used to move and transport items, they still rely on the strength of the user to pull the heavy load up and down the stairs. This can lead to injury if the user is not careful or does not have the necessary strength.


Lifting Heavy Items Without The Right Equipment Can Impact Your Company

Lifting heavy items without the proper equipment can have serious consequences for both the employee and the company. The most obvious consequence is a risk of injury to employees, as manually lifting heavy objects can cause strains, sprains, and hernias if done incorrectly or too often. Injuries caused by unsafe lifting practices can result in costly workers’ compensation claims that could put a strain on the company budget. Furthermore, productivity may suffer if an employee has to take time off due to an injury related to lifting heavy objects.


An unsafe work environment may also lead to decreased morale among employees, which could lead to higher turnover rates and lost productivity. By providing the proper equipment and training employees on how to safely lift heavy items, companies can help ensure the safety of their employees while avoiding costly claims and reduced productivity.


Using Voltstair Hand Trucks for Safe Heavy Item Lifting

Motorized hand trucks are designed to reduce the strain and fatigue associated with manually lifting heavy items. They also increase safety and productivity, as they can move items upstairs quickly and with minimal effort.


Voltstair Motorized Hand Trucks are designed specifically for safely moving heavy objects up and down staircases without risk of injury. We offer a variety of products with different lifting capacities (from 150 lbs. to up to 500 lbs.) and features. Each hand truck also includes adjustable handles so they can be used comfortably regardless of user height or size, making them ideal for any situation where stairs are involved. Some Voltstair Hand Truck feature special straps and handles that allow you to secure the load before lifting it, reducing strain on your back and arms. Most have large, rubber-coated wheels to make navigating stairs or uneven surfaces easy and safe. These hand trucks are made from strong steel construction so you know that it will be able to withstand any load with ease.


Lifting heavy items poses many risks if done improperly; however, following OSHA guidelines can help ensure everyone stays safe while completing such tasks. Additionally, using a Voltstair Hand Truck can provide additional peace of mind knowing that you have taken every step necessary in order to avoid potential injuries associated with lifting heavy items up/down staircases without having to put undue strain on your body in the process. Ultimately, it pays off in terms of both safety and efficiency!


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