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Reducing Risk of Property Damage, Injury & Liability

Posted by Voltstair on Oct 2, 2020 7:04:39 PM

Now more than ever, larger businesses  have to go the extra mile to comply with a growing list of necessary but extensive  safety measures.  The reality is that the future of modern American business culture places a huge emphasis  on employee wellbeing, and customer satisfaction. And the best, most adaptable businesses can never live in a vacuum; they must adapt, strategize, and overcome the difficulties that arise in an uncertain and seemingly less safe world.

Because of Covid-19, all companies will have to deal with new concerns from customers, clients, and employees.  Everyone across the board is increasingly mindful of in-person interactions that used to be commonplace. It’s a complex issue, and it’s up to innovations  like the Voltstair to ease the adaptation process when it comes to adhering to increased safety measures. 

Imagine being able to assign two employees to a four-man job. Immediately your potential liability for personal injury has been decreased by fifty percent. Rather than lug a refrigerator up two flights of stairs, with four guys trying to navigate a narrow stairwell, now you have two (or even one) workers using the Voltstair to lift up to 440lbs to ascend or descend a flight of steps.

Good or bad reviews left on social media and elsewhere on the internet carry a lot of weight in today’s digitized world. . Reputation is currency, and even more so in these strange times in which so much has shifted towards online and remote options. A sloppy workflow with dubious safety precautions will lead to unsatisfied clients.Too often businesses inflate the importance of results over procedure, but in this modern age, one does not preclude the other. We must be safe, considerate, objective, and fastidious to keep our employees safe and our clients satisfied.

Staying ahead of the game when it comes to risk and liability speaks volumes to potential clients. The Voltstair allows contractors, as well as those involved with construction, delivery, moving, and distribution to safely move heavy items from one level to the next in the most efficient and professional way possible, all while reducing safety risk and liability for employees and clients alike.

Employees that work a job requiring a wheel-operated hand truck are more susceptible to back injuries than most. When an employee throws out his back from moving a heavy piece of equipment, nobody wins. The employee can’t work, teammates  have to be shuffled around to cover the sudden gap, the insurance company has figure out the worker’s compensation, and the client might be left with an unfinished job as a result, potentially losing a future client and ensuring a bad review.. 

The Voltstair provides an  extra cushion of protection for both the operator and goods being transported. The Voltstair’s built-in tracks are designed to eliminate the risk of damaging the stairs, and allow it to function  smoothly on wood, cement, stone and tile without leaving a trace. By providing a safer means of moving heavy objects, the Voltstair helps to alleviate some of the concerns for personal injury and thereby simplifies complex and arduous physical tasks. Ultimately, there is less likelihood of injury or property damage when the Volstair is carrying a 400+lb load compared with pure manpower. 

Less strain, more gain- what more could you want?

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