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Reducing Workers Compensation for Delivery Drivers

Posted by Voltstair on Jan 12, 2023 9:00:00 AM

There are a few key ways that delivery companies can improve driver safety, maximize efficiency and reduce workers compensation costs for drivers. By implementing some simple changes, companies can keep their drivers safe while reducing worker compensation claims. Here are a few tips to get started.


Defining material handling

Material handling is the transportation of material from one point to another. It encompasses a wide range of tasks necessary in warehouses, factories, stores, and other places involving the movement of material. This includes transportation within the building, loading, and unloading of trucks, packaging and repackaging material, preparation of goods for transportation, control of stock levels, and inventory management. Furthermore, it also covers the use of mechanized equipment such as forklifts, conveyor belts, and order pickers to move materials safely. Material handling is an integral part of many types of businesses that require efficient handling processes to guarantee quality customer service.


Understand the risks associated with moving heavy or large items

Knowing the potential risks associated with a job is key to preventing bodily injury or worse accidents. Employers should always ensure that their employees understand what dangers and consequences could arise from their specific work duties. These risks are not limited only to bodily injury, but can also include mental trauma, stress, or worker compensation related issues that might arise due to situations at work. By understanding the safety policies of an organization and the risks posed in the daily line of work, employers and employees can strive to prevent any type of physical or emotional injury caused by work-related activities.


How to prevent work-related injuries

Taking safety precautions is essential when it comes to preventing injuries in the workplace. Smart investments, such as safety equipment and stair-climbing hand trucks, are key steps taken to keep employees safe. Regular safety checkups should also be conducted to detect potential safety hazards and ensure safety standards are being met. In addition to safety equipment and inspections, proper training is another important safety step that can help prevent injuries from occurring. By committing to safety protocols, companies can put an end to avoidable workplace accidents resulting in serious injuries.


How to create a safer work environment for everyone

Creating a safe work environment has long been a top priority for any employer. There needs to be clear policies and procedures in place to maintain the highest level of health and safety. Employers should review their workplace standards regularly and stay up-to-date with governmental regulations as well as best practices from other industries. By providing adequate training on any workplace hazard or job responsibilities, employers can maintain compliance while keeping all employees safe. Additionally, businesses should keep floors, storage areas, and passageways clear and uncluttered, install warning signs in hazardous areas, provide protective equipment when necessary, and ensure that machinery is properly maintained according to manufacturer guidelines. All of this and more can help create a secure work environment for current and future workers alike.

Additionally, investing in devices that can alleviate the bodily stress of the job is paramount. Electric hand trucks such as the Voltstair Go, feature lightweight portability and stair-climbing abilities which can help ease the strain on workers, therefore, leading to fewer workers' compensation claims because workers are safer and happier.


Implement these tips in your workplace

Implementing these important tips in the workplace allows for improved efficiency and morale. Taking the time to ensure that staff has access to all of the necessary training and resources, communicates that the organization values its employees. Furthermore, continually assessing processes for areas of improvement and providing a platform for honest feedback highlights the importance of individual contributions, and builds trust between leadership and staff. Making these adjustments not only provides value to the overall organizational goals but improves the workplace environment which often translates into improved business results.


In conclusion, material handling is the process of moving goods and products throughout a factory, warehouse, or office. It can be dangerous if not done properly, which is why it’s important to understand the risks associated with it. By learning how to prevent injuries and what to do if one does occur, you can create a safer work environment for everyone. These tips should help you get started on making your workplace a little bit safer.


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