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Simplifying College Moves: The Voltstair Go Electric Hand Truck

Posted by Voltstair on Oct 20, 2023 11:01:33 AM

When it comes to college move-in and move-out days, most students and parents are all too familiar with the struggle. The staircases in dormitories often present a formidable obstacle, especially when elevators are jam-packed. So, how can you make this process smoother and less physically demanding? The answer lies in the Voltstair Go, an electric hand truck that's changing the game for college moves.


The Challenge of Dormitory Stairs

College dormitories are notorious for their lack of elevators or limited elevator access. This can turn an otherwise exciting day into a physically exhausting ordeal. Hauling heavy boxes, mini-fridges, and numerous bags up flights of stairs can take a toll on your energy and enthusiasm.


The Voltstair Go Solution

The Voltstair Go, a motorized hand truck, is designed to tackle the challenges of college move-in and move-out days. This portable, battery-powered wonder streamlines the process of transporting you and your belongings up and down stairs with minimal effort. Let's explore how this innovative electric hand truck can revolutionize your college dorm experience:


Eliminate Elevator Wait Times:

Elevators can get crowded quickly, particularly on move-in and move-out days. With the Voltstair Go, you can bypass the elevator lines and easily navigate stairs with your belongings.


Rapid and Simple Setup:

The Voltstair Go is engineered for ease of use. It can be set up in just a few minutes, so you can quickly get to the task at hand.


Effortless Transportation:

With a straightforward push of a button, you can glide smoothly up or down the stairs without the need for physical exertion. The Voltstair Go's motorized tracks provide superior grip on stair surfaces, ensuring a secure and safe journey.



Weighing a mere 34 pounds, the Voltstair Go is exceptionally portable. It's easy to move and set up wherever you need it, making it a versatile companion for any college move.

Experience the Convenience

Imagine the convenience of moving your belongings with ease, even on the busiest of college days. The Voltstair Go electric hand truck is your ticket to a stress-free and efficient college move-in and move-out experience.


Your Essential College Companion

The Voltstair Go is an essential tool for college students and parents alike. Whether you're moving into a dorm for the first time or packing up for the semester break, this electric hand truck will become your trusted companion.





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