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Social Distancing With The Voltstair

Posted by Voltstair on Oct 2, 2020 6:47:28 PM

There’s no way around it: Covid-19 has changed our world. The protocols of daily business are undergoing significantly radical shifts in the everyday execution of jobs across all industries. With these ever-evolving new dynamics at play, figuring out how to incorporate safer strategies for both employees and clients has become the new normal. Perhaps the most radical changes of all will be found in those industries which employ physical labor as a means to an end, and  these industries will shape the future of client-employee relationships for years to come.

Throughout the pandemic, every industry has had to make adjustments for safety, but wearing masks alone simply doesn’t cover all the new logistical  safety complications presented by the novel Coronavirus. . The Voltstair is a wonderful tool to ensure  social distancing for moving companies, contractors, and any other businesses which require physical contact between employee, product, and customer. It eliminates the necessity for hiring a team of movers. The Voltstair can be operated by just one person, carrying a weight of up to 440lbs. This one-person operation will make clients feel safe from virus exposure risk, and will increase efficiency with each task. . Now jobs that previously required  four employees-- e.g. hauling a refrigerator up two flights of steps in a narrow stairwell with recently painted walls becomes a job that two, or even one, can confidently and efficiently  accomplish. With the Voltstair, social distancing is more possible than ever, even when performing labor-intensive tasks.

Now is the best time to invest in a product like the Voltstair. The ongoing  implementation  of machines meant to lessen physical labor burdens will broaden the opportunities, increase of profit margins, and will lead to more happy clients and referrals It always pays to keep clients and employees safe and happy, but especially so during a global pandemic. It is our hope that the Voltstair helps businesses not only maintain their bottom line during these unprecedented times, but increase it.

Having the Voltstair in your business’ arenal will keep you ahead of the curve, and further solidify you as a leader in your industry. Clients and employees alike are more conscious than ever of  taking up-to-date measures to protect themselves from unnecessary exposure to risk of both injury and illness. The reduced number of personnel needed for a move is not only a prime goal for social distancing, but also ensures the move is safe for the operator, the stairs, and the item being moved.

The Voltstair is a huge factor in safe, heavy moving—with or without the pandemic. In terms of social distancing, being able to work solo is a comfort to both the mover and the client. The Voltstair serves a company by protecting its clients and its employees by allowing certain jobs to be handled by fewer employees to provide a better, safer experience for more clients.

Staying safe while moving heavy items has never been easier. With the Voltstair, you can maintain  social distance without sacrificing efficiency, and decrease property damage and personal injury. We’re proud to provide the safest and most efficient way to transport heavy and unwieldy objects up and down stairs.

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