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Why Voltstair is a safer and cost-effective delivery solution

Posted by Voltstair on Feb 2, 2023 3:18:05 PM

There are many factors to consider when choosing a delivery solution for your business. Voltstair is a safer and cost-effective option that delivers many benefits over traditional methods such as dollies or hand trucks. Here's a look at some of the reasons why Voltstair is the better choice for businesses:


  • Voltstair is less likely to cause accidents: Dollies and hand trucks are the leading cause of workplace injuries, according to the Department of Labor. Voltstair reduces the risk of these accidents by allowing users to load and unload packages without bending or twisting their bodies.

  • Voltstair can save you money: The cost of workers' compensation claims related to injuries caused by dollies and hand trucks can be significant. In addition, lost productivity due to these injuries can add up quickly. Voltstair can help you avoid these costs by providing a safer alternative.

  • You'll get more done with Voltstair: Because it is easier and safer to use, Voltstair will enable your employees to work more efficiently. This means they'll be able to complete more deliveries in less time, which can improve your bottom line.


Why take chances with an outdated delivery method when there's a better option available? Choose Voltstair for your next delivery project and experience the difference!


The problem of delivery accidents and how they cost businesses money.

Delivery accidents happen far too often, exposing workers to unsafe conditions, risking their well-being, and costing businesses money. Traditional hand trucks and dollies are often inadequate as they do not adequately deal with the complexity of the heavy loads that need to be lifted.


Every business that relies on the delivery of its goods understands the unsafe risk of using manual labor to transport heavy loads. Companies that employ manual delivery processes is at risk of unsafe working conditions and potential accidents. Unsafe lifting and carrying of heavy loads are especially concerning, with the associated risks in terms of both employee safety and costly disruption to normal operations. This isn't simply a theoretical danger; worryingly there are numerous reported cases of accidents resulting in serious injury and long-term damage when attempting deliveries without the appropriate methods and equipment. Voltstair provides a safer and cost-effective solution to these issues, allowing businesses to cut delivery costs while still ensuring safe working practices.

Fortunately, Voltstair offers a safer way to lift and transport bulky items without putting workers at such a high risk for injury. Their cost-effective solution is easy to use and helps businesses keep safety risks to a minimum.

Why Voltstair is the solution

Voltstair is the safer and cost-effective solution to delivery tasks, businesses can reduce the strain they put on their employees while simultaneously reducing costs.  Voltstair is an innovative handtruck that can replace manual labor by utilizing modern technology. It is a safer alternative because it reduces stress on workers and carriers by reducing the physical burden associated with manual labor.

With less weight, Voltstair will also lead to reduced worker compensation liabilities in the long run. An additional profitability benefit of using Voltstair is its ability to improve the overall workflow efficiency and minimize delivery delays. By providing safer working conditions, businesses can expect an increase in their employee retention rate and higher customer satisfaction levels resulting from faster delivery services.

How Voltstair is safer than traditional methods of delivery

Voltstair is safer and more efficient than traditional methods of delivery, such as using a ladder, hand truck, or dolly. Our system of stairclimbing wheels provides an even distribution of weight over multiple steps and keeps the load firmly in place throughout its journey up or down the staircase. This prevents falls and keeps the item safe from unexpected bumps and drops. In addition to providing safer delivery, Voltstair is also more cost-effective than other methods due to its time-saving ability to safely manage multiple trips up and down stairs with one delivery person. This means employees can complete more deliveries in less time, which can improve your bottom line.


Voltstair is equipped with advanced safety features including a safety belt, an anti-slip rubber pad, and an ergonomic design. All of these features have been engineered to provide maximum protection for your employees and products during the delivery process. In addition, Voltstair’s intuitive user interface and remote control feature allow users to easily adjust settings on the fly and make real-time adjustments as necessary. With Voltstair, your employees will have peace of mind knowing that they are using a secure and reliable delivery system.

Choose Voltstair for your next delivery project and experience the difference! With Volstair's innovative solution, businesses can save money while ensuring the safety of their employees. Experience a hassle-free delivery process with Voltstair today!


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